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About Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage

Plymouth Rock is an eternal symbol of hope, determination, and a brighter future. Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage lives out these qualities and inspires every customer’s journey toward their next destination by providing superior residential and commercial moving services. Founded in Cape Cod, MA in 1927, we’ve spent over nine decades getting families and businesses where they need to go in safety, comfort, and convenience. Choosing us for your next move or relocation grants you access to generations of knowledge, training, and committed customer service. We vow to treat your items and property with respect, dignity, and exceptional care for the duration of your move.

person laying down red carpet to protect floor

Local, National, & Overseas Moving Experts

We provide comprehensive international moving services along with our local services. As an authorized agent for Mayflower Transit, Inc, a leading moving organization in the U.S., we are equipped with advanced resources and capabilities to fulfill moves throughout the world. We’re an exclusive provider of global-scale moving services that remain unmatched in the area. Our world-spanning edge allows us to provide our clients with customized moving services, including interstate, long-distance, and company trade show moving for businesses of every industry and size. We can provide logistical assistance and comprehensive management options to suit your move, regardless of how long it will take, how far you need to go, or how many items you’re taking with you.

A Sterling Reputation & Decades of Service

What began as a humble, locally operated moving company over 90 years ago has grown into an international entity that’s helped countless homeowners and businesses get to their next destination. Throughout our years of dedicated service, we’ve built and maintained a reputation for providing safe, efficient service with friendly, local-style customer service. Whether you need to relocate your home or business across town or to a new country, our residential and commercial services will get you there. Enjoy the journey while looking forward to the future, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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