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Home Moving Services

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage helps homeowners and families start an exciting new chapter in their lives with home moving services based in Cape Cod, MA. Since 1927, we’ve been the trusted choice for residential packing, transportation, and storage. We provide specialty services that enable us to fulfill short, long-distance, and international moves for customers. Our mission is to perform a stress-free move for you regardless of how far you’re traveling. Allow us to complete your move with superior customer service so you can focus on the bright future ahead of you.

The Three Ps: Planning, Protection, & Packing

When it comes to your next big move, there are three important actions to ensure success that our team practices daily. We call them the Three Ps: planning, protection, and packing. If those are handled with care, safety, and responsibility, your move will go as smoothly as possible. Here’s what the three Ps mean to us:


We strategically plan every move and relocation. This means carefully assessing how many items you want to be moved, their sizes, and their condition so we can choose the proper packing and boxing. We coordinate your routing, trucks, and logistics and communicate with airlines for long-distance moving.


Our team handles every belonging with the utmost care and commitment, especially fragile ones. We offer seal-tight packing, boxing, and crating, and we can also devise customized moving solutions for large or oddly sized items that won't fit in traditional crates or boxes. Item safety is our top priority.


After the preparation, coordination, and logistical aspects have been set, it's time for your move to begin. There's no item that we cannot pack. From cherished heirlooms to large kitchen appliances and beyond, our team has a perfect packing solution for you.

two people moving boxes with dolly

Why Choose Us

Our company has helped homeowners and families get to their new homes with ease since 1927. By choosing us for your next move, you’ll receive unmatched training, knowledge, and customer service that cannot be beaten. Whether you are moving down the street or to a new country, we are committed to your safety and comfort and getting you to your destination. As a company that operates locally and globally, we have the unique capability to fulfill moving jobs of all kinds with world-class services, including:

  • Customized packing, boxing, and crating solutions.
  • Long-haul and interstate moves.
  • International Moves and overseas relocation.
  • Moving protection plans and liability coverage.
  • Move logistics, coordination, and route planning.

Free Moving Estimates

If you’re interested in our services and want to learn more about how we can get you virtually anywhere in the world, please reach out to us. We offer a free estimate and quote for customers. If requested, we can also provide a free in-home appointment where you can meet our crew before your move and get to know us better.

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