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Mayflower Transit: America’s Most Trusted Mover

Get to Your Next Destination With Ease

Since 1927, home and business owners have trusted Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage to carefully package, ship, and deliver their items and provide exceptional residential and commercial moving in Cape Cod, MA. Our mission is to get our customers to new destinations virtually anywhere worldwide while maintaining their confidence and peace of mind. Our comprehensive moving, storage, and packing ensure a stress-free process as you make your way from one space to the next.

Taking Care of Homeowners & Families

Is your family planning to move locally to a new neighborhood or a different country? Depend on us to get your items there safely and on time. Our team understands that your cherished belongings and family heirlooms are essential to your memories. Once gone, these items can never be replaced. We treat all your belongings, from artwork, appliances, electronics, and beloved treasures, with respect and care like they were our own. If needed, we can customize packaging, crates, boxes, and storage for large or odd-shaped items, ensuring they get to your new home in perfect condition.

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Helping Businesses Achieve Greater Success

If you want to relocate your business without interrupting your productivity and daily workflow, our services are right for you. Our team specializes in local, national, and international commercial relocations for companies and industries of all kinds. Our mission during your move is to keep your commercial property, employee belongings, and invaluable company assets safe and secure. We’ve helped small- and large-scale businesses transport their equipment, hardware, and sensitive materials to their next location without a hitch.

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Providing International Moving Services

We’re a locally operated moving company that offers our services worldwide. As a partner with Mayflower and Unigroup, we have the tools and resources to help families and businesses move globally, almost anywhere in the world. Our partnerships give customers access to over 300 moving representatives throughout 200 countries. Moving overseas requires more time, strategy, and effort than standard moves, but our team will provide precise coordination and logistics to get you to your international destination smoothly.

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