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You might think that planning a move for a business relocation would be less stressful than a household move, but the truth is that because of all the computers, equipment and coordination that is required to pull off a commercial move, there can actually be more stress and more things to do. Make it easier on yourself and contract with reputable Southeastern Massachusetts movers for all of your packing supplies and services during your business relocation. Moving companies in Bourne, MA can help you to plan your move, making sure to reduce the amount of down time that you experience as you move your offices from one location to another. Whether you stay right here in South Coast or if you move to another state, Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage can help you to achieve your goals.

coworkers holding moving boxes

Reducing Risk: Hire a Pro

One clear advantage of hiring professional movers to take care of packing, loading, transporting and even commercial storage in MA for items that you want to set aside until your move is complete, is reducing the risk. If you have your employees pack and move all of your equipment, computers, files and furniture, someone could get hurt during the process or something could get broken. Even if you have a team of trusted employees, it is best to rely on the experience and professionalism of local Southeastern Massachusetts movers than to put it all on your team’s shoulders.

Quick Results: Less Down Time

Another big benefit to working with moving companies in Bourne, MA for your commercial move is that you can reduce your down time. Only a team of professional movers who are experienced making business relocation moves in the Cape Cod area can help you pack and move your things in one, stress-free move. Part of the key to this success is years of experience, but the other is all in the planning. Contact a customer service agent at Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage to learn more about moving, packing supplies and services, as well as commercial storage in MA that can help to expedite your move.

Custom Moving: Making a Plan

When you contact professional movers to come to your place of business, expect to take them on a tour. Before an official estimate on the cost for packing, moving and commercial storage in MA can be given, the agent will need to see everything you have so they can make a visual quote. Make sure to mention any high value items and specialty equipment that may require special packing or handling for proper protection. Every move is different, as is every type of business. Our team will create a custom moving plan and a custom quote for all of our services provided by our experienced Southeastern Massachusetts movers.

Tools of the Trade: Doing It Right

Another benefit to hiring moving companies in Bourne, MA to take care of your commercial business relocation packing and moving for you, is that they have all the right tools to get the job done correctly. Packing supplies and services, including boxes, packing tape, tissue paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and more, will all be used to protect your assets to ensure a stress-free move. Our team has all of the equipment necessary to move large furniture and appliances, as well as to relocate your over-sized, over-weight office, medical and industrial equipment for you without having to hire a separate moving company to help.

Save Money: Protect Your Business

While it might seem like you are spending more money by hiring Southeastern Massachusetts movers at Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage, the truth is that you are actually saving money when you work with a professional. Not only will you save on the gas that you would have spent on moving a truck from your current location to your new location, but also any truck rental fees, driver costs, insurance and other associated charges. You will also save on any overtime rates that you might have paid for your employees to take care of the move over the weekend, at night or beyond their regular eight hour shift.

Contact Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage

If you are in the planning phase of a business relocation in the New England area, contact Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage. We can provide you with a FREE custom estimate on our packing supplies and services, Southeastern Massachusetts movers and commercial storage in MA. Call today at 1-800-340-0995 and learn more about all of the services available for commercial, residential and storage.