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Commercial Storage Solutions

Unlike trends that we see in business every day, in areas such as marketing and technology, there are certain services that are practically required because they are so instrumental to success. One of those services is business records retention. There are a couple of different ways to go about this, but for the most part, businesses will require separate storage, either in portable storage containers that are housed on-site or in a secure location, or professional business records retention services, located inside commercial storage in Massachusetts where they can be accessed locally, if needed.

patient records

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage has a wide variety of storage options for our commercial clients. We have warehouse storage in Massachusetts, which can be used to store surplus inventory, office supplies and furniture, as well as a specialized business records retention option. We also have portable storage containers, through our associations with Mayflower, United and Conlon Containers.

What Is Business Records Retention?

If you need to retain and protect important business records, such as patient records or client files, but do not have enough physical space at your office, clinic, hospital, retail store or facility, you might be interested in business records retention services. Traditional commercial storage in Massachusetts is the preferred option for this type of storage, which is designed to keep everything indoors, safe and dry from New England weather conditions.

While many offices utilize digital records today, there are some industries that are still required by law to keep hard copy files of documents, contracts, and other important records. Some businesses also retain receipts, patient files, purchase order copies and more. This type of storage offers a safe and effective way to protect these records without overtaking your office with bankers boxes. Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage can help you take control of your business records retention.

Top Reasons to Choose Professional Business Records Retention

While it is true that you could rent portable storage containers from our commercial moving company and use them to store your business records on-site for easy access, there are some motivational reasons to choose professional business records retention at our warehouse storage in Massachusetts instead.

  • more room to grow – growing businesses always need more space, not just for desks and areas for customers to browse products, but more space to house office supplies, extra stock, computers, servers, and more
  • dated materials – depending on the industry that you serve, most businesses are required to retain paper documents for a minimum of seven to ten years, while others are required to retain them forever; having a business records retention service can help you keep these records maintained, safe and protected
  • offsite increases security – when you choose to provide business records retention in an off-site location like our commercial storage in Massachusetts, you increase the security of those documents to protect the confidential data listed inside, preventing access by other employees or unauthorized persons within your office
  • time-saving features – when you sign up for business records retention and start discussing your plan with one of our agents, make sure to ask about how your records will be cataloged, categorized and coded to help identify the contents and access them quickly as needed without requiring you to sort through every single box
  • easy-to-use – just give our team a call and start making plans to use business records retention for your business; we have an entire department dedicated to moving logistics for our commercial clients and we can help you navigate this quickly and easily
  • affordable – you might be surprised at just how affordable our options for warehouse storage in Pocasset and our portable storage containers for on-site storage can be

Get a FREE Estimate Today

If you are interested in learning more about our options and procedures for business records retention, give us a call at 1-800-340-0995. Our commercial logistics team will work with you to determine which option for commercial storage in Massachusetts is better for your business and your budget. Local, state and federal governments take advantage of professional off-site storage for business records retention, so if it is good enough for them, it should be good enough for you. Call Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage today to learn about all of our other opportunities for commercial moving and storage, including specialty and trade show moving services.