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Our lives are constantly changing and we need to be ready to make adjustments in order to accommodate those changes. If you are getting a new family member or need to downsize your belongings to move into a smaller home, you might benefit from portable storage containers and other types of commercial storage in MA through Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage. We have a wide variety of storage options available for our residential and commercial clients, including mobile storage and warehouse storage in Pocasset at our secure facility.

plates in packing material

Packing Specialty Items

Many of our customers ask us about how to pack their belongings to be placed into portable storage containers. We do offer packing services for our mobile and warehouse residential storage in Massachusetts, but for those who want to do the packing and loading for themselves, we have some tips on how to properly pack specialty items to provide them with the most protection possible while they are in storage. Commercial storage in Massachusetts can vary from portable storage containers, which can remain at your location while you pack them and until you are ready for them to be moved, and traditional warehouse storage in Pocasset. The type of storage that you choose depends on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

  • Fragile Items Some of the most fragile items that we get asked about include china, glassware, and silverware. Large items, flat items, and odd-shaped items can all be made of these fragile materials. Make sure to use dish pack cartons with double-wall construction for any fragile items. All pieces should be wrapped individually in clean paper using several sheets that are overlapped for added protection. Paper padding and cushioning can also be used. All fragile items that will be put into commercial storage in MA should be marked “Fragile” on the box.
  • Kitchen Items Dishes, bowls, cups, glasses, and silver all require special packaging and handling for residential storage in Massachusetts. Make sure to wrap each piece separately in tissue with a double layer of packing paper. Protect fragile handles of cups or mugs with an extra layer of packing paper. Silver pieces should be wrapped and enclosed completely to prevent tarnishing. Loose flatware can be wrapped in the set with plastic wrap or a bath towel to prevent anything from coming loose inside the box.
  • Figurines and Collectibles If you have the original boxes for these items, it is best to use them for packing before putting into commercial storage in MA or inside of portable storage containers. If you don’t have the original boxes, wrap in tissue paper or paper towels first. Then wrap each piece in packing paper or newsprint to make sure they are well-protected with lots of cushioning. Wrap each piece separately and provide plenty of cushion between items in case anything moves around while transporting to and from residential storage in Massachusetts. Mirrors, pictures, and plaques should all be wrapped carefully in tissue paper and cushioned with bath towels or small blankets. Bubble wrap can also be good for this purpose.
  • Artificial Flower and Plants Pack each item in its own carton and wrap fragile parts carefully with plastic wrap, tissue or paper towels for extra protection. Label this carton “Fragile” so you will know to handle it carefully when moving it and so that you won’t stack anything heavy on top of it, crushing the items inside.
  • Lamps Pack the lamp base without the light bulb into one box and the lampshade into a separate box. Use packing paper, tissue or bubble wrap for both parts. Wrap light bulbs and any other parts separately and tuck inside of the container with the lampshade for easy assembly when you retrieve your items from residential storage in Massachusetts. Mark the boxes clearly as “Lamp Base” and “Lamp Shade” so you will know what’s inside.
  • Books If you have a large book collection, make sure to take special care with your books before placing them inside portable storage containers or warehouse storage in Pocasset. Books should be packed flat or with the spine touching the bottom of the packing box. Never pack with the spine facing up, as it can cause damage to the binding. Try to pack books of the same size together to prevent pressure on covers from different sized books. Expensive copies should be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap for added protection.

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage Solutions

If you would like to learn more about all of the options for commercial and residential storage in Massachusetts, give us a call at 1-800-340-0995. Our team can help you find the best storage solutions either in our warehouse storage in Pocasset or using one of our portable storage containers. Ask about our commercial storage in MA for business use as well. Call today and get a FREE quote on any of our moving and storage solutions.