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If you need to plan a move in Southeastern Massachusetts for your commercial business, it is important to understand all of your options. Commercial moves in Cape Cod and the surrounding area can be more about logistics and insurance than they are about cost and speed. However, if you need a business relocation in MA or need to get something shipped across the country quickly, you might disagree with those priorities. It is important to choose a company that can help you with a Massachusetts business relocation or shipping solution that will be able to accommodate your special needs and requirements.

A lot of the services that are available for commercial companies sound alike. For instance, freight shipping, white glove services and commercial moving services all sound very much alike when you look at them from the outside. The difference is the type of services that you get once you start dealing with the company as you plan a move in Southeastern Massachusetts. Whether you need to take care of commercial moves in Cape Cod that are local, interstate or international, it pays to take your time and get the right services from the right provider.

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Freight Shipping

There are two types of freight shipping available to commercial businesses. FTL or full truckload shipping and LTL or less than truckload shipping. The major difference between these two types of freight shipping is really whether or not the cargo will completely fill the truck with its load or if the cargo will be less than a full truckload. FTL shipping is great for companies that need to move a lot of goods or assets, providing low-cost services for a bulk load of cargo. LTL shipping is a nice option for companies that only have a small amount of cargo to be moved. Instead of a full load going to just one location, different customers have their assets loaded onto the truck and then they are delivered to specific locations on a route.

Freight shipping can be cost-effective methods for shipping, particularly if you use the FTL option and have a full load of cargo to be moved. LTL options can be combined with other services, such as white glove services or can be accomplished through services offered by moving companies. Without these extra services, the cargo will be delivered to a doorway or warehouse area. With these services, deliveries can be brought into the home or place of business, and can even be uncrated and set-up, depending on the services that were purchased.

White Glove Services

The very definition of this type of moving for commercial moves in Cape Cod and the South Coast area is that it is an LTL type of delivery that comes with extra services. Extra care is given to white glove services, hence the name “white glove” to signify the full-service options. The deliveries are typically packed by professionals and strapped down during moving to provide additional protection and care. The shipment is delivered inside of the home or place of business instead of to a warehouse or outside the structure.

This option is great for sensitive equipment, such as for medical or tech-related businesses. Once the crate or boxes are delivered to the location, the movers also take care of all the details, including unpacking, assembly, carrying the items upstairs or downstairs, as well as any work that requires specialized equipment or placement. White glove services are great if you need to plan a move in Southeastern Massachusetts but don’t have the knowledge or manpower to set up the equipment that is being delivered yourself. It can also be great for business relocation in MA that involves a lot of technical assembly and special handling services.

Commercial Moving Services

Whether you are doing a Massachusetts business relocation or if you just want some specific high-value or sensitive items shipped from one location or another, you can rely on the services of commercial movers to take care of it for you. When you plan a move in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to ask questions about packing supplies and services, delivery methods, options for specialty equipment, as well as details about moving after hours or on weekends.

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage can take care of all the logistics surrounding your commercial moves in Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts and the surrounding area, including freight services, white glove services and much more. We can also help you with interstate and international moves through our partnership with Mayflower, one of the most trusted names in moving in the United States. Give us a call at 1-800-340-0995 to get a FREE estimate on any of our services for specialty moves or business relocation in MA. We can even help with special commodities, trade show moving and other commercial services.