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When you own a small business the goal is to grow that business into something even bigger and better. But when you grow you small business, you are tasked with having to move to a larger office, warehouse or location that can be used to handle the increase in staff and storage to support that growth. Commercial moves in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts to not need to be intimidating, especially if you hire a professional company to help supply you with the packing supplies and services you need to pull it off. Even interstate and international moves that reach beyond the South Coast area can be simplified when planned out properly with commercial moving logistics.

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Consider What You Need

Before you just go out and hire any company to help you with your small business move, make sure you know what you need so you can determine whether or not they are up to the challenge. Not all moving companies are created equal, so if your small business relies on sensitive equipment, high value assets or you have other specialty items that you need to be part of the Massachusetts business relocation process, you will want to find a company that is experienced working with that type of move.

Make a list of the major things that need to be moved, such as component-style office furniture systems, cubicles, office computers, servers, equipment, retail stock, manufacturing supplies – whatever it is that makes your small business run. You will want to discuss options for packing supplies and services to ensure that these things are properly protected during packing, loading, moving, unloading and setup at the new location. Commercial moving logistics should address all of these areas, so it can be helpful to think before you schedule a meeting with a moving specialist about what you will need.

BONUS TIP It is a good idea to give employees at least 4-6 months advance notice about the move. Even if you are staying in the general area and your commercial moves in Cape Cod won’t affect their commute or their job, setting a moving deadline can be beneficial.

What Needs to Be Done

The next step is to think about all of the things that you need to do to have a successful move. Even if you hire a professional team to take care of all the details regarding packing supplies and services, as well as scheduling pickup, delivery and setup at the new commercial space, there are still other things that only you can do. Changing your address with the post office, updating all of your letterhead, business cards and brochures with the new address and phone numbers, and coordinating with utility companies and vendors to make the switch, are just some of the examples.

You may want to make a series of to-do lists that begin about six months or so in advance of your Massachusetts business relocation and go all the way up until moving day to ensure you don’t overlook or forget anything. Consider downloading helpful applications that you can keep on a smartphone or tablet computer so you will have the details with you at all times while working on commercial moving logistics. Small business moves can sometimes be more complex than larger business moves, simply because of the things that you are responsible for as a business owner.

Hiring Professional Movers in MA

When it comes time to hire a team to help you with commercial moves in Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to carefully choose a company that can help you to achieve your goals. Do not hire a company that is not licensed and insured. Make sure that employees are highly trained in the areas of professional packing supplies and services, especially if you have any high value or sensitive equipment that you need to have moved. Choose a company that will come out to your business to do a visual inspection of the things that you want move to create a custom quote for your commercial moving logistics.

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage is located in Pocasset, Massachusetts. We specialize in commercial moves in Southeastern Massachusetts, but we are also an Agent for Mayflower Transit, Inc., which gives us access to all of the equipment, training, technology and services you could ever need for a truly professional small business move. Whether you are moving down the street, relocating to another state or picking up your business and taking it overseas, Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage can help. Give us a call at 1-800-340-0995 to get a FREE estimate on our services for Massachusetts business relocation and moves outside of the area.