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When you are planning a move in Cape Cod or Southeastern Massachusetts, it is important to have an idea of what needs to be moved and explore the different ways that it can be done. This is true whether you are doing a residential or commercial move. Some people think that there is only one way to plan a move, but more and more business and household moves these days are learning to rely on portable storage containers and warehouse storage in Pocasset to help facilitate their move. Today we are going to talk about just seven of the reasons why you should use storage containers during a move.

shipping container

1 – It Gives You More Space

Commercial storage in MA can be used to temporarily store all of the things that you won’t be using in the months leading up to your business relocation, such as excess office furniture, seasonal decorations and displays, filing cabinets of old records and extra office supplies. Cape Cod residential storage can be used to hold extra furniture and things that would clutter up your home while you are planning a move. This can make it easier to sort through the things you want to throw out, donate or store permanently during and following your move.

2 – Great for Showing the Space

Real estate agents have really embraced the trend of using portable storage containers to hold extra furniture and clutter to help make a home look neater and larger when putting the house up for sale or lease. It is important to streamline the look and feel of a space when trying to sell it to someone else. They need to be able to picture their things in that space and that can be difficult when your stuff is filling it up.

3 – Makes Moving Day Easier

Think about it, if you move even a quarter of your furniture and belongings into a warehouse storage in Pocasset while you are planning your residential or commercial move, that’s 25 percent less things that need to be packed, loaded and moved on moving day. Coordinate with your local movers and Cape Cod residential storage or commercial storage in MA to have the portable storage containers or crates brought to the new location on moving day with the actual moving truck.

4 – More Efficient

If you are using a truck rental for your move, using portable storage containers can allow you to rent a smaller truck for your moving day. Many of the storage containers available locally through Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage, including the United Mayflower Containers and Go Mini’s Containers, come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a lot more furniture and boxes than you might think. Plus, that’s less gas that you will spend on a smaller truck or less packing costs you will pay for professional movers.

5 – Weatherproof Storage

Another huge advantage is that residential and commercial storage in MA via portable storage containers is water and weatherproof. Some things can be kept outdoors in the storage as you settle into the new location without worry that anything will be damaged. These units are made from sturdy steel and are also very secure, giving you peace of mind that your belongings or assets inside are protected.

6 – Move at Your Pace

Choosing to use Cape Cod residential storage or warehouse storage in Pocasset to keep a portion of your belongings also allows you to complete your move at your pace. You can load in the essentials and have the portable storage containers brought to the new location when you are ready. This can be particularly helpful if you aren’t sure how much space you will have for everything.

7 – Great for Downsizing

Residential and commercial storage in MA is also great for companies or families that are downsizing. It is never easy to move to a smaller space because you don’t know what you will have room to store and what just won’t be able to fit. Many of our clients put non-essential or over-size items into their portable storage containers and either keep them on-site at the new location or place them in our warehouse storage in Pocasset for safekeeping. In some situations, the downsizing is temporary and the things will be needed again in a few months, so it is helpful to keep them in portable storage containers for when you are ready.

Contact Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage

If you are interested in learning more about portable storage containers or traditional warehouse storage in Pocasset, MA, contact Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage. Our team can help you plan to use commercial storage in MA for business moves or local Cape Cod residential storage for a household move. Storage is also great for interstate and international moves beyond our local service area. Give us a call at 1-800-340-0995 and find out how our storage solutions and moving logistics services can help.