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Have you ever wanted to just pick up and move to a foreign country like your favorite character in a movie? It is possible to move to another country if you work with the right moving company. Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage is an Agent of Mayflower, one of the largest moving companies on the planet. Our team of Cape Cod residential movers can help you plan a strategic move, whether your goal is to relocate across town or halfway around the globe. Some Cape Cod household moving companies limit you to the New England area, but Plymouth Rock can connect you with international moving experts every step of the way to get you to your destination without worry.

Living a life overseas can be very rewarding. Stepping out of the day-to-day life that you are used to in the United States can be very exciting. Living abroad changes your perspective on the place where you grew up and the people that you leave behind, helping you to appreciate where you are coming from and going to all at the same time. However, making a move of this size isn’t all fun and games. There are serious regulations and things that you need to learn about moving to another country that, if you don’t know how to plan for them, could possibly stall your move. Moving companies in Cape Cod like Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage can help you to plan out your international moves from the Cape without having to sort through all the red tape and overseas transit paperwork yourself.

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Learn All You Can

Before you set your moving plans in stone with your Cape Cod residential movers, make sure to take time to learn all you can about the other country. Don’t just sit up watching late-night black-and-white movies about the country or read romance novels, do some actual research. The internet can be very helpful, but it also pays to speak with people who have already been there and maybe even consider making a trip yourself. You wouldn’t purchase a brand new house sight unseen after just seeing a brochure, why would you move thousands of miles away after just reading a Wikipedia page about a foreign country?

Some of the things that you should check into for international moves from the Cape include:

  • the culture of the country you want to move to and any laws that might make it difficult for you to assimilate into the structure of the nation
  • the legal requirements for living in the country as a foreigner from the United States, as well as any regulations about becoming a citizen, requirements to work there, etc.
  • information about how much things cost, how much money you will need to get started before you can get a job
  • any skills you should learn or have in order to get hired in a foreign country, such as speaking the native language or having a degree
  • how does the climate of the country differ from what you are used to and would you need a whole new wardrobe just to live there
  • what would you do about medical insurance and what is required to receive treatment in that country if you become sick or injured

Speak with your moving coordinator at your Cape Cod household moving companies to learn even more about relocating to a foreign country. Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage is one of the few moving companies in Cape Cod that can help facilitate an international move, so it is important that you let them know in advance when you want to move, what needs to be moved and make plans to bring someone by for an estimate.

When the agent comes to your home to review your belongings for packing and transportation, they will let you know what can be moved and what cannot, due to shipping and international transport regulations. Some items may need to be stored locally by your Cape Cod residential movers until you come back to the country.

Get Your Papers in Order

If you have never traveled outside the United States you will need to have a passport and get a Visa to be able to work in the foreign country. Again, check with your agent at the moving companies in Cape Cod to find out if there is anything else you will need to get with regard to the move so you can expedite the moving process. If possible, actually visit the country first before you set your plans for international moves from the Cape in stone, just in case you have a change of heart. You don’t want to move all the way there just to find out that you can’t stand being there and that it wasn’t like it seemed in the books, websites, TV shows and movies.

Contact Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage

If you are ready to make plans for an international move, contact the Cape Cod residential movers at Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage. We can even help you with cross-country moves right here in North America, as well as local moves in South Coast. Give us a call at 1-800-340-0995 to schedule a FREE consultation or to get an estimate on your move.