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Understanding Moving Protection

Are you considering moving? Ensure you are protected with Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage, which provides moving protection. Keep reading to learn more about the protection options available to you.

Full-Value Coverage vs. Moving Insurance

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage‘s standard full-value protection will pay out to you if your belongings are affected during the moving process. Depending on the circumstances, we can repair items that have been damaged or replace lost or unsalvageable items at a suitable amount. We strive to make things right in the event of something bad happening. However, customers must know that full-value coverage is not insurance. Unlike an insurance policy, proof of negligence is not required. Full-value coverage reflects the monetary losses incurred according to certain limits. Insurance is an entirely different legal transaction from full-value coverage with a separate set of rules and policy terms. If you want to learn more about moving insurance, please speak directly with your insurance provider.

How Our Full-Value Protection Works

We provide basic full-value protection in every quote. How does it work? We multiply the estimated weight of your shipment by six dollars per pound. So, if your shipment is an estimated 500 lbs., we will multiply it by six. Therefore, your full-value protection would come out to $3,000. Feel free to increase your valuation amount before shipping as well.

Mandatory: High-Value Inventory Form

If you want full-value protection and are shipping items valued at $100 or more per pound, you must record them in a high-value inventory form. Common items with high value can include but are not limited to artwork, jewelry, high-end furniture, designer clothes, antiques, collectibles, and electronics. For instance, a pair of earrings may be valued at $800 but weigh less than a pound. If you ship these earrings without registering them on the high-value inventory form and they get lost, we will only pay out $6 if we cannot recover them. But if you record them on the high-value form, you will receive a total value of $800.

What Other Protection Options Do You Have?

Besides full-value protection, our other quality protection programs. Note that only some programs may be available for your move. Please reach out to your move coordinator to discuss your options.

Minimum Liability Valuation Option

As mentioned above, we include basic full-value protection in every quote. But if you opt out, we will still cover with a minimum liability valuation option. This option is required by law and includes sixty cents per pound per article. However, we recommend accepting the full-value coverage included in your quote to protect yourself from monetary loss. Minimum liability valuation cannot cover the entire costs of your losses. For example, if we move a TV for you weighing 30 lbs. and it gets lost or damaged, we will only be able to reimburse you sixty cents per pound, which comes out to $18.

Increased Declaration on Full Value Protection

We allow clients to increase the value of their full-value protection at an additional charge. Feel free to increase your valuation at any time during your move.

Claim Assistance

We offer clients a claim assistance program that helps them fill out claims and repair or replace their items. Please check out our convenient service packages and contact us to determine which is right for you.

Pairs & Sets Waiver

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage doesn’t usually take responsibility for undamaged belongings that are part of a larger set. With our pair & sets waiver, we will waive our policy regarding undamaged items to fix or replace the missing item or the entire set.

Mechanical Malfunction Waiver

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage isn’t typically held liable for mechanical equipment damaged by road vibrations, driving conditions, or other issues related to transit without evidence of mishandling. However, with a mechanical malfunction waiver, we will agree to repair or replace equipment harmed while in transit.

Acts of God Waiver

Acts of God usually don’t apply to Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage. But our Acts of God Waiver will enable us to repair or replace items damaged or lost in a natural disaster.

Additional Delay Payment

If you qualify, you could get an increased compensation rate of $250 per day if your pick-up or delivery gets delayed past the deadline on your paperwork.

Increased Destination Weight Time

If you cannot receive your items at the scheduled delivery time, we will extend the wait time by up to four hours.

Identity Theft Protection

Please see our Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage‘s tariff for terms and conditions and see if you qualify for one year of identity theft protection.

Full-Value Protection

Basic full-value protection keeps your belongings protected and is included in your initial quote.

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